Parallel General has been a key member in the general contracting community with over 20 years of experience. We are a full service general contractor that has completed many spaces in Hospitality, Retail, Corporate and Residential. One of our keys to success is being brought into the project at the early stages to work with both the clients and their designers to understand the vision so that this vision is not only met but most of the time exceeded. Being brought in early allows us to also provide more accurate pricing and timelines so both the clients and designers are aware of all issues, if any early on in the process. By doing so, we can provide our clients with alternatives if requested. Once the project is awarded to us, our team is consulted on the priorities and we work very closely with all the trades and sub-trades to ensure a successful project in the end. We take full responsibility of the construction space once it is awarded to us until the space is handed over to the client.


Parallel General has worked with many clients in understanding their vision for potential spaces prior to them acquiring them. We have the ability to overview the space and with taking into account their existing condition can foresee any potential challenges that may arise during the construction process. We have helped clients through the feasibility of the space and provided them with a basic budget and also potential issues that may arise depending on the site that they are looking to acquire. We have worked with many new and old spaces and can sometimes foresee the challenges that may arise. Based on our overview of the space, we have also helped clients out with their offer to lease by identifying some of the potential items that are costly to add or repair.


Parallel offers cutting edge millwork fabrication with its own updated dedicated facilities. This allows Parallel to build interiors with a high level of control and attention to detail. The millwork shop is available to service Parallel General’s construction projects, and is also a stand-alone shop for jobs that exclusively require furniture quality millwork. This allows us to have great control and attention to detail over our millwork fabrication, and we work closely with designers to ensure that their design intent is supported by great craftsmanship and understanding of materials. We take great pride in understanding the vision of both the clients and consultants and thrive on bringing these visions to life.


With over 20 years of experience, Parallel has excelled in the development and refurbishment of some of GTA’s most unique and complex spaces.

In order to establish expectations, Parallel General begins working closely with clients and their designers in the early stages of the project. Maintaining close contact throughout the venture with the help of a dedicated team, not only ensures that these expectations are met but they are often exceeded. Our team seamlessly bridges between all areas of the construction process: project management, estimating, carpentry and installation. Accordingly, Parallel General has developed a portfolio of award winning projects that represent a broad spectrum of scales, budgets and types.